EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: SAIGO Questions the Validity of Our Icons in New Song, “Neither”


Photo: Per Nordgren

Multi-faceted artist SAÍGO has blessed us with his first release of the year. Midway through his month-long residency every Monday at The Bootleg here in Los Angeles, we're thrilled to premiere his new single "Neither," with intricate, futuristic production courtesy of Alexander Vincent and Kan Wakan.

Over pulsing, hard-edged production, SAÍGO sings of overblown images and the flawed individuals behind them. He shared more insight on the meaning behind the song:

"'Neither’ was written about the peril of idealizing those we admire, and how we magnify the inevitable disappointment. We are in the process of renewal, redrawing the borders of our societal grey areas, tearing down the glossy posters of our false saints and fallen idols.

Singing in his upper vocal register, SAÍGO's voice is tinged with soul and gives necessary sincerity to the song. The electronic instrumental behind him fills the space and commands attention, making for a captivating soundscape that truly envelops the ears.

Ones to Watch is looking forward to more solid vibes from SAÍGO as he continues to rise the ranks, and you should be looking forward to it too. Stream the brand new "Neither" below: