EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Sariah Mae’s “Somethings” Is An Instantly Heartwarming Daydream

Simply calling Sariah Mae an indie-pop artist feels like a gross understatement, as her first-ever offering is a spellbinding track that refuses to let itself prescribe to a specific genre. 

Perhaps it's the addition of co-writer and background vocalist Matthew Schwartz, of Cold War Kids, or the unique brand of production courtesy of Peter Gonzales, resident Capitol Studios engineer, but this track instantly broke out of simple classification to find a way into our hearts. "Somethings" is at times an atmospheric indie-pop ballad, at times a spacey indie-rock number, and yet throughout every moment it resounds like the celebration of a genuine love and passion for both what Sariah Mae is actively creating and the object of affection behind it all.

Sariah shared with us what led to the creation of "Somethings,"

"I was feeling particularly broke the day we worked on this (took us a day to write the actual song), and we sort of just went crazy fantasizing. My boyfriend was supporting me a lot and that time, I just wanted to feel like I could give him something back. It was a bit of a feedback loop- 'always something.' As in, there’s always something to want, but really, it doesn’t matter, cause there’s 'always something for you.' Cheesy, I know, but I was feeling a certain type of way."

We must say that the feeling is very mutual, as "Somethings" has left us feeling a certain type of way. The air of young love and the clear sense of daydreaming is instantly relatable, evoking a sense of nostalgic abandon that feels perfectly at home with the start of summer. Sariah ends "Somethings" in hypnotic fashion, easing us with the lines, "All these little somethings for you," into what can only be described as a idyllic dream. 

"Somethings" is due June 16, but you can fall into Sariah Mae's glimmering dreamscape with the exclusive stream below. Plus, keep your eye on Mae as this is just the first taste of what's to come.