There's something to be said for an artist who can convey feelings of heartbreak and emptiness in songs that uncannily exude positivity and cheerfulness. Case in point: NYC singer, songwriter, and producer SHEARE. 

"L E V I T A T E" is SHEARE's fourth "Capri-Sun POP"-coined release, and following suit with the others, it has the ability to provoke one of two reactions: oblivious singing and dancing along with its dynamic pop essence OR a more reflective connection with its remorseful lyrics. SHEARE shared more insight,

"'L E V I T A T E' was the last song I wrote for the EP and as soon as I heard the final mix, I knew the EP was finished. The song is about when words just don’t quite add up to the sense of regret that you’re feeling towards someone. I thought levitate was a really cool image and also a good X-Men-esque origins story, like what if you went through a break up and that’s how your discovered your super human ability?“

The single will be featured on SHEARE's debut EP, a collection of five songs singularly written, recorded and produced by SHEARE himself. Growing up in New York City, he became inspired by street style and the level of precision that went into each and every image in the fashion world. He honed that meticulous approach, along with the feelings associated with ending a long-term relationship and coming to terms with loss, in the forthcoming Turbulence EP. 

While the record is set for a May 2017 release, you can enjoy your first listen of "L E V I T A T E" below, and NYC fans can catch a live performance by Sheare at The Standard, East Village Penthouse on February 20. RSVP for the free show here.