EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Slow Sugar- “Shotgun”


Some songs start off relatively unassuming and build up to an explosive climax. Others boast aggressive introductions that dwindle down as the seconds go by. Slow Sugar's "Shotgun" not only checks both of those boxes (and rather nicely), but it also brings to light the universal emotions that we've all endured at one time or another in tumultuous relationships.

Slow Sugar was born in 2012 from a serendipitous meeting of two music students at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, it became crystal clear that the sultry vocal prowess of Danielle Harris molded flawlessly with the innovative songwriting strengths of guitarist, vocalist, and producer Alex Utay. Together, they incorporated shared passions for classic blues and jazz to breathe life into a special concoction of highly-compelling indie pop.

"Shotgun" is a proper follow-up to the success of Slow Sugar's first two singles, "Hypnotic Love" and "Pieces," both of which climbed Hype Machine charts and garnered considerable press acclaim. With the arrival of "Shotgun," Slow Sugar has officially established a precedent for conveying pure emotion in the form of empathetic lyricism, passionate hooks, and irresistibly scrumptious alt-pop. Lead singer Harris shared more on the story behind "Shotgun,"

“Shotgun is the first song Alex and I wrote together, and it's also the song that has undergone the most transformations. When I heard it all finally come together, I had chills. It keys into the emotional flux of a turbulent relationship–the coldness of knowing better, the vulnerability of losing control, and the power of making that choice to indulge in it anyway.”

…Yes, we've all been there. Thank you, Slow Sugar, for providing the soundtrack to our ongoing indulgence in destructive love. Your first listen of "Shotgun" is below, and it will be available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other digital platforms today. Follow Slow Sugar for more.