EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Songstress Jules Weaves a Dichotomy of Dreams and Insomnia in “Eyes Shut”


Nighttime represents different things to different people. For some, it's a time of rest. For others, the arrival of darkness marks just the beginning of several hours of festivities. But it can certainly be a scary place for many. Indie-pop singer Jules has managed to beautifully encapsulate these contrasting ideas in her new track, "Eyes Shut."

It seems that both our greatest dreams and deepest fears haunt us in the night, and "Eyes Shut" was actually inspired by Jules' close friend's sleeping disorder. The single presents a thoughtful and enchanting story that conveys how it feels to suffer from insomnia:

“I actually wrote the first verse years ago for my friend who has insomnia. About a year ago I experienced insomnia, when I had dreaded going to sleep because of a repetitive nightmare. It struck me while I was listening to the track that I needed to use some of the old song to tell my story. The song doesn't really go anywhere, meaning there's no resolve at the end of the song. I did this intentionally because I want to highlight that these kinds of issues don't just 'go away,' and you don't just 'simply get over it,' because it didn't for me. I also wrote this song right as I was in the thick of it. I'd like to include in the video maybe at the end that there are ways to cope, but again highlighting that this is an important issue. The song sounds almost 80's synth at the chorus, definitely a fall song, and dreamy.”

This thought is conveyed most clearly in the line, "Eyes shut, but I'm wide awake." With this sentiment, "Eyes Shut" has a dreamlike quality about it, but it's not entirely blissful. Jules sings, "I stare at the walls/Boy, do they speak/I can't quiet them all/They keep me from my sleep." These lyrics coupled with the song's ethereal sonic capture the bittersweet nature of the night - the track conveys the loneliness of night, but also the opportunity it presents to escape into fantasy. It highlights Jules' ability to navigate the fine line between delicate yet powerful vocals and demonstrates her ability to write a introspective, captivating narrative.

Julianna Pollifrone, aka Jules, was born in San Jose. Her career began initially as a writer, tracing back to journaling at eight years old and developing into songwriting and composition. She began to sing for her church and eventually at open mics, bars, and larger venues. Jules released her 2015 debut EP, Stories Never Told, at just 15 years old. It launched her deeper into the music industry and garnered the attention of notable writers, producers, and composers. While "Eyes Shut" is a beautiful and updated introduction to Jules, we can already anticipate the 2018 release of her next single, "Pressure," produced by Willie Donut (Justin Bieber, Fergie).

Stream "Eyes Shut" below: