EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Sophia Black Lifts Us Out of Misery on “Blessed”


Photo: Talia Azadian

Just when we began to lose hope that Sophia Black would ever return with new music, her name popped up on Spotify alongside an unlikely pair of hip-hop powerhouses, KYLE and 2 Chainz. Lo and behold, the blossoming pop disruptor is back with another new song since "Real Shit" and her feature on "Ikuyo". It's been a long three years since her self-titled debut EP, but we're proud to present the growth of Sophia Black as she counts her blessings on "Blessed."

At first listen, "Blessed" is a charmingly honest approach to the songstress' pop-infused vocals over a soft bed of lightly-bubbled electronic production. Black's tuneful melodies produce a vivid memory of happiness, the same happiness that warmed my millennial heart as I spent long nights chatting away with my crush on AOL Instant Messenger. To top it all off, Lunchmoney Lewis' rap verse near the one-minute mark seamlessly sews the song together by providing a tasteful twist to the sweet feel-good track.


As we slowly lose ourselves with our heads in our smartphones, Black's "Blessed" gently reminds us that we'll miss the simple joys of life if we constantly keep our heads down. Regarding the inspiration behind the track, Black shared,

"I wrote 'Blessed' during a time when I was in a very negative headspace. It felt like all I could think of was bad stuff, so when I got into the studio with Naz, I started writing down every positive that was opposite of what I was thinking… and voila! Blessed!

I’m a firm believer in affirmation… I hope that people who don’t feel like they have what they want can sing along to this song and convince themselves those things are attainable… like Takis… I want Takis."

With a pair of new tracks and a remarkable feature on KYLE's highly anticipated debut album, Sophia Black has proved that she is ready to make waves in 2018. In fact, we're extremely excited to announce that Sophia Black's new ten-song EP Hi Sweetie is set for a summer 2018 release. If the songs on her new Hi Sweetie EP are anything like "Real Shit" and "Blessed," I'll say that the three-year wait was worth it.

Take an exclusive first listen to Sophia Black's "Blessed" below: