EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Sports Returns With the Dreamy, Cosmic “Don’t Tell Me”


Oklahoma-based band Sports may have taken their name as a homage to their self-professed lack of athleticism, but if there is one thing the trio can do, its create a sparkling, funk-filled gem. Playing together since grade school, Sports has grown into a band that which each new release further refines what it means to craft indelible indie-pop. From the band's debut, 2015's Naked All The Time, to their brilliant sophomore effort, 2017's People Can't Stop Chillin', Sports continually demonstrate their innate talent for seamlessly blending disparate musicals influences into one cohesive earworm of a track. The trend of excellence continues in their latest release, the absolutely delightful "Don't Tell Me." 

The song is the first offering of more music that is set to come this Summer, and it's a spectacular glimpse into the future of Sports. "Don't Tell Me" is a meticulously crafted song that highlights Sports' prowess for creating a lush soundscape that never feels over-labored by its various elements. The R&B style crooning of lead singer vocalist Cale Chronister feels like it could have been lifted straight from another era. The instrumentation draws from various genres and periods as well, from the funk-inspired '70s guitar riffs, the vibrant '80s synths, to the modern pop and electronic sensibilities that make up the backbone of the track. As for its lyrics, they're as equally groove-inducing as they are reflective, making "Don't Tell Me" more than just a fantastically well-put-together piece of music.


Cale of Sports was kind enough to share with us what inspired "Don't Tell Me,"

"We wrote this track in a hacienda-style house where Jacob and Christian live, which made it fun to act like we were cowboys trying to write a pop song. Lyrically, I wanted to describe social anxiety and question if it can be changed, or if that's just who I am.“

Taken all together, "Don't Tell Me" is a song that exists out of time. The way it makes you move is a timeworn tradition of all great funk-leaning music, but it's the way Sports so expertly draws from their wealth of inspirations that gives "Don't Tell Me," and all their music, such an eternal flair.  

Take your first look and listen to "Don't Tell Me" below: