Indulgence. It's that little devil on your shoulder that tells you to stay out a bit longer, take another sip, let go of your inhibitions if only momentarily to feel something (or someone) real. SWIMS' "Ride" embodies the best (and worst) of indulgence in the form of lustful electronic-tinged R&B, and Ones To Watch has your exclusive stream today.

When Moving Castle co-founder & producer AObeats teamed up with London's emerging vocalist, songwriter, & producer SAKIMA, they had a distinct vision for SWIMS. Pulling inspiration from both pop legends like Taylor Swift and Drake to neo-trap wizards like Baauer and Hudson Mohawke, they manifested a fresh fusion of smooth R&B production, soulful pop-primed vocals, and bedroom-bound lyrics. They saw early success with their first three singles: "Bedrooms," "Twice," and "Lovers Like You."

"Ride" sets the tone for SWIMS' upcoming debut EP, a collection of songs that deviates away from genre boundaries to dive deeper into true romantic and sexual emotions. The guys elaborated on the story behind "Ride,"

“'Ride' is meant to be like a drunk memory or moment; there’s no real attachment to anything or anyone tangible. It’s mostly a visceral sexual experience that balances between being tasteful and just straight up dark.”

"Ride" will be available via iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music on Dec. 1, but in the meantime you can vibe out to the exclusive stream below.