EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Sylo Nozra’s ‘Fervor’ Project Is The Soulful Soundtrack To Your Romantic Escapades

There must be something in that crisp Toronto air, as we have met yet another Toronto-based artist to add to our soulful favorites: Sylo Nozra. Today, he joins the sonic ranks of Allan Rayman, Daniel Caesar, and Charlotte Day Wilson with an electronic-infused experimental R&B album –quite appropriately entitled Fervor– that is flawlessly tailored for a leisurely night with that special someone.

If you were to Google synonyms for "fervor," related words include passion, ardor, intensity, zeal, warmth, earnestness, avidity, eagerness, keenness, vigor, energy, spirit, zest–and every single one of these words could be applied to Sylo Nozra's new project. Self-produced by the young artist with feature collaborations alongside eclectically-skilled friends, the seven-song collection explores romantically-charged lyrical themes with an effortlessly smooth instrumental backdrop.

The record opens with the downtempo yet fully sensational "Meadows," setting the proper tone for the rest of Fervor. We are introduced to Nozra's spellbinding voice, as it molds like a puzzle piece with Parisian producer Art of Shades' thumping guitar chords. "Felt You" is up next, where Nozra creates an immersive and sensual soundscape with the feminine vocal stylings of Yumi, who happens to be Steve Aoki's niece. A sparse, rhythmic drumming pulls us into "Right Here" next, the enticing anti-technology single that was premiered by The Fader ahead of the EP's release. Fellow Toronto producer Goldchain was recruited for the fourth piece on Fervor, another smooth-as-butter track that examines the dangers of giving into "Desire." “Emotions," "Velvet Sky," and "Medusa" round out the project as smoothly as a lazy river's tide, three solo Sylo Nozra creations that put him at the top of our lullaby wish list.

Fervor follows Nozra's 2016 EP debut with This_era, and the both projects encompass an impressive showcase of the singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist's wide-ranging talent. While his home may be Toronto, his influences clearly range from UK experimentalism to '90s R&B with hints of 2000s indie-rock. 

Vibe out with your first listen of Fervor below: