EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Take A Dip In The Milky Way With MIKNNA’s Remix of "Kayla's Lullaby"

"We wanted it to feel like you’re swimming through the Milky Way in search of your long lost lover." …That just might be the greatest song description we've ever received, and it encapsulates MIKNNA's rendition of Lost Midas' "Kayla's Lullaby" to a tee. 

Ahead of tonight's Ones To Watch takeover of The Hollywood Roosevelt featuring performances by Mark Johns, Lola Marsh, and none other than Mike B. & Ken Nana of MIKNNA, we're humbled to present your first listen of the L.A. duo's new remix. Are you ready to swim through the Milky Way too?

Like all solid intergalactic journeys commence, the remix of "Kayla's Lullaby" opens with a soft murmuring that gets louder and louder until we finally land in the lap of Kalispell's inviting, Majid Jordan-esque vocals. This sense of otherworldly romance expands as MIKNNA's soulful vibrations kick in and then all inhibitions are surrendered once Mike B. enters with a verse that will likely entrance Kayla's all over the globe. 

Ken shared more on the inception of this collaboration,

“When our good friend Lost Midas asked us to remix one of his songs off his new album, 'Identity,' we were immediately drawn to 'Kayla’s Lullaby' because of the vocal melodies and interesting progression. As soon as he sent the vocal track, we immediately started working on it, and by the end of the night, it was pretty much done. The energy was flowing and ideas came instinctively. We wanted it to feel like you’re swimming through the Milky Way in search of your long lost lover. We kept the production minimal so Kalispell’s vocals can sit right in the pocket. Then we decided it wouldn’t be a MIKNNA remix unless we added Mike’s vocals. So he wrote a verse to it that took the dynamics to another level.”

Mike added,

“You can expect a damn good time on Wednesday. Feel good tracks that make you move. We have a headlining show at The Roxy on Sept 23rd!”

So there you have it: you have not one, but two chances to become engulfed in the sultry electro-soul of MIKNNA–tonight at the Roosevelt or this Saturday, Sept. 23, at The Roxy. In the meantime, listen to their remix of "Kayla's Lullaby" below: