EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Taska Black Transforms Love and Heartbreak into a Smoldering Anthem in “In Your Eyes”


They say the greatest works of art come from moments of either great love or loss. Antwerp producer, and member of independent record label bitbird, Taska Black captures the raw power of both love and heartbreak to deliver a smoldering anthem in "In Your Eyes."

Presenting what is essentially a love song surrounding a break-up feels at first strange and surreal. Yet when considering who Taska Black is as an artist, the artistic intent underlying "In Your Eyes" comes perfectly into focus. After all, Taska Black is an artist known for challenging typical conventions, utilizing his classical training as a producer to consistently reshape the boundaries of what we consider bass and pop music. This sense of fluidity permeates "In Your Eyes," as it shifts from slow-burning pop song to breathtaking festival-ready anthem at the drop of a hat.


"In Your Eyes" exists in the undefined space between the world of pop and electronic music, largely due to Swedish-Iranian singer-songwriter Ayelle's captivating vocals. It's no wonder Taska Black regularly looks towards Ayelle when it comes to finding the perfect vocal fit for his stellar works of production, as she never fails to lend their collaborations an impressive sense of emotional weight. 

The final result is Ayelle's emotive vocals joining forces with Taska Black's impressive feats of production to create moments of profound melancholy as well as unbridled passion. It's a rare electronic song in that it functions as a poignant inner-reflection on how we view relationships, while never losing sight of the heart-racing nature that draws people to the genre. As for how Taska Black brought "In Your Eyes" to life, Taska Black was kind enough to share a few words,

"'In Your Eyes' is a passionate love story about two people in the middle of a break-up. It's a story I came up with while fiddling around on my guitar. The song really came to life when I got to sit together with Ayelle during a studio session. Excited for you guys to see the live performance video we did as well!"

Take your first listen to "In Your Eyes" below: