EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Taylor Belle Embraces Emotion in Debut EP, “Loved & Lost”


Love is no easy game to play, and New York native Taylor Belle can attest to that. The 19-year-old singer's debut EP, Loved & Lost, deliver songs about love and heartbreak - and the rollercoaster of emotions that inevitably follows.

Belle has been making a name for herself in the pop scene in New York City, performing with artists like Sammy Wilk and Taylor Caniff. Her online presence has given her a wide fanbase who are eager to hear what's next from Belle.

After the release of her lead single, "What You Do," Belle questions the subject of her desire and whether or not they are worth her time, effort and love. The song takes us on a journey of self-worth and Belle's realization that she deserves better, which is a message that any of her fans are sure to relate to. Belle's voice glides through the melody with ease, with a rasp reminiscent of Halsey and a theme of female empowerment that we loved from Dua Lipa in "New Rules."

Throughout the rest of the release, Belle makes her mark with the ability to shift her moods from heartbreak and confusion to feelings of infatuation and curiosity towards the potential of new love ("Someone Like You") and more themes of empowerment on the closing song "Needed Me." Belle seems right at home, tucking herself in with a perfect combination of pop and R&B, comparable to SZA, Ariana Grande and Kehlani.

The full EP will be available to listen to on all streaming services tomorrow, Dec. 20, but in the meantime, your exclusive listen is below.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Taylor Belle in 2018, we know we will be!

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/taylorbelmonte