EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Jacks Channel Classic Rock N’ Roll on Debut Music Video “She’s a Mystery”


New to the scene but quick to impress, Southern California's four-piece The Jacks is inspired by the pure rock n' roll of the 60's and 70's British Invasion era. Premiering today is the band's debut video for their vintage-tinged single "She's a Mystery."

Indie through and through, The Jacks believe in raw, human musicianship, never playing to a click track or touching up vocals with auto-tune. The band puts their own fun spin on classic rock with a taste of the blues, performing with an energy that can only come from truly loving the music they are putting out into the world. In their "She's a Mystery" video, you can feel the intensity as vocalist Jonny Stanback sings with a powerful grittiness. As the band jams together, the natural chemistry between these young musicians is apparent. Thoroughly enjoying themselves throughout the course of the video, we can envision how easily The Jacks must get the crowd going when playing live.

Drummer and percussionist Josh Roossin explained the statement The Jacks are making in their new video:

"'She's a Mystery' is about our dual relationship with uncertainty and desire.  We wanted our debut music video to not overcomplicate who we are, but to show that we are here."

Growing up as childhood friends, lead guitarist Tom Hunter and bassist Scott Stone became close from casually playing together over the years. Later while attending college at USC, they found their singer (and rhythm guitarist) Jonny. Completing The Jacks' lineup, their drummer Josh was the final missing piece of the puzzle. Together they clicked, and we're all excited to see where this ride takes them from here.

"She's a Mystery" is the first song released from an upcoming EP dropping soon. Check out this playlist of songs that inspire The Jacks and have influenced their new music, with picks from The Rolling Stones, Cage The Elephant and more. Connect with the band on social media to be the first to find out about their new releases.

In the meantime, enjoy your exclusive look at The Jacks' debut music video "She's a Mystery" below.