EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Tim Atlas Coaxes Us to “Unwind” in Sultry New Single


An individual's love for music often begins as an escape. Music brings joy. Music is a safe haven. Music is a stress reliever. For today's exclusive premiere, Tim Atlas' new single "Unwind" provides this exact reminder of why we love music, as he entrances us into serenity and lyrically urges us to take care of our well-being, themes that are supported by an equally hypnotic music video.

The slow jam has a minimal percussive beat and prominent bassline that create relaxed, bedroom vibes. "We could take a day off," he suggests, implying that he'll be right there with you. "I want to see you satisfied," Atlas reveals, again highlighting his care and concern for the person he sings about. These lyrics are brought to life by Atlas' dreamy vocals. "All work no play, that’s why you’re uptight," he sings. "You pay no mind to what you feel inside." This commentary on lack of self-care is an important reminder Atlas has for his listeners:

"The concept for 'Unwind' came about earlier this year when feeling overwhelmed with work and everything that was happening in the world. It began to add up, and I became emotionally/physically drained. I didn't make any time to pursue what made me happy, and I eventually had to take conscious steps towards some piece of mind. I wasn't completely sure what to call what I was experiencing at the time, but I realized in hindsight that it all boils down to mental health.

This tune makes it a point that we are 100% justified when we need to take a day to subtract and reset our minds to move forward with life effectively and purposefully. Guilt has no place in the conversation. I still deal with these battles every day, but it's a lifelong task and taking a day off is a step in the right direction."

The accompanying music video opens with woman swimming - or sinking - in deep waters. Bubbles surround her as she struggles through the water and fights for air. The scene transitions to her looking pensively and somewhat distressed out at the ocean. Another hooded woman, clothed in a billowing, velvet, blue cloak, pans into view. With a radiant smile, she acts as a foil, eventually leading the first woman into a forest, then a greenhouse of sorts filled with flowers, then a room of clouds. As the video progresses, our protagonist visibly begins to relax and enjoy herself, closing her eyes and smiling serenely at some points. The video ends with the her effortlessly floating on top of the water she was once fighting through, demonstrating the change she has undergone within the three and a half minutes. It has a subtly sensual quality that further highlights the joy she experiences in her transformation. Atlas revealed regarding the video,

"Chicago-based video director, Justin Leyba, contacted me via Facebook because one of my tunes 'Compromised' popped up in a Spotify playlist. We vibed really well after touching base on the premise of 'Unwind,' so we started shooting ideas back and forth, and I decided to fly out to the Midwest to begin filming. Justin assembled an awesome team, we shot in three different states (Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana), and we wrapped production in two days.

In creating this video, the goal was to let viewers know that keeping our minds healthy is a task that requires dedicated attention and how great it can feel once we decide to make that jump."

Raised in San Jose, California, Atlas grew up surrounded by music. He taught himself guitar and joined marching band, jazz band, and drumline. After graduating with a degree in photography, the singer-songwriter worked in recording studios as an engineer. In 2015, Atlas gained major recognition after joining Gwen Stefani's team on The Voice. Since then, he has released several original singles, including "Compromised," which currently has over 7.5 million streams on Spotify. "Compromised" is the first track to be revealed on his sophomore EP, followed by the release of a second track, "Dive," in August. "Unwind" is the third and final installment of his single series. Fans can expect more of Atlas's poignant writing and swooning vocals in the new EP. 

Stream "Unwind" below: