EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Trubdr. Adam Road Struggles Between Imagination & Reality in “Ain’t No Love” Video


Seeking to illuminate the toxic disillusion of a relationship, Trubdr. Adam Road has just delivered his music video for "Ain't No Love." The female character in the video toys with the troubadour as she shows her love for him, but quickly turns on him she chooses another and makes him watch from the backseat. This creates a craze that quickly alludes questioning of the self. Trubdr. Adam Road relays the message:

“Sometimes in life we find ourselves in chaotic relationships, whether they are romantic, plutonic, family or even how we relate to something such as society and the state of the union. When we ignore our intuition we make it easier to entrench ourselves in blinding emotions and lose sight of our actions. By doing this we allow ourselves to believe that someone else is driving us crazy when upon arriving to clarity whilst digging our own graves, we see that really the only chaotic relationship there ever was…was with ourselves, and turns out it was us driving us the whole time.”

Metaphorically depicting a struggle between imagination and reality, the video for "Ain't No Love" implies the digging of the troubadour's own grave. It's a well-known story, however Trubdr. Adam Road has portrayed, quite excellently, how love - that red-lipped beauty - can conjure such emotional destruction.  "Ain't no love from all these pretty girls / Ain't no love for me, no."

Musically heavy, "Ain't No Love" features rough vocals and rock characteristics that are surrounded by a classic edge. Unique in relation to Trubdr.'s previous work, however once the credits roll, that flamenco-style guitar that Trubdr. Adam Road so honestly reflects shines through.

Making his way as a troubadour in New York City, jamming with friends on city park benches, he and a friend formed the band City Of Sun. Encapsulating indie vibes, intertwined with gorgeous flamenco notes, the band solely created instrumentals. In 2014, when Trubdr. Adam Road ventured off independently, he would channel those same original sounds into his solo career. Carefully selecting unique musical components, Trubdr. has now crafted a sound that is all his own. 

Get your first look of Trubdr. Adam Road's video for "Ain't No Love" below: