EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Valley Hush- “Concepts”


"Go out of your mind…" These are the words of wisdom repeated several times in Valley Hush's "Concepts," and they have also come to represent the duo's essence and message as a whole. The Detroit natives have just unveiled the third serving from their upcoming self-titled album, and it's packed with just as much experimental pop magic that we've come to expect from these two.

Alex Kaye (instrumentation) and Lianna Vanicelli (vocals) elaborated,

“'Concepts' is the track that we hope makes you dive deep into your soul and question what you are made of. We are so simple and so complex at the same time. Usually, if you remember that you are just nature and meant to love, all of the problems in your head disappear for at least a few moments."

It's a simple but very constructive message packed into five minutes and six seconds of pounding kick drums, whimsical melodic chords, and Vanicelli's sleek vocals and sensational lyrics to pull it all together. Valley Hush's sound has been compared to everything from Tame Impala and Gorillaz to Grimes and Lana Del Rey, but it still can't be pigeonholed into any one genre or musical influence. "Concepts" is not only stimulating to the ears, but it also inspires us to think outside of the box, dream big, and remain in an perpetual state of experimentation towards the world and all its wonders–and for that, we thank you Valley Hush.

After releasing two independent EPs, Valley Hush is currently preparing for the debut of their first full-length album, due Oct. 28 on The Record Machine. In the meantime, you can pre-order the record here (or here if you fancy vinyl), and enjoy your exclusive stream of "Concepts" below.