EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Water Slice Shares Revitalizing Psyche-Pop Tune, “This Way”


Photo Credit: Michael Tyrone Delaney

Patrick Phillips, a former touring bassist of James Supercave and ex-member of the Portland-based experimental pop group BRAINSTORM, is going about things his own way now. Performing under the moniker, Water Slice, the LA-based singer-songwriter has been quietly dishing out shimmery and bouncy vibes. On his latest track, “This Way,” Water Slice finds comfort in the distresses of personal acceptance. In terms of its sonic tone, the track blends effervescent bass lines and lighthearted guitar arrangements with warm, charming vocals to produce a summer paradise that can only be located in one’s own imaginative mind.

Phillips had been penning his own material under the Water Slice name for awhile, but hadn’t performed live until Portland friends, Radiation City asked him to open for them in Los Angeles back in 2016. Phillips swiftly put together a group around him, including members who had performed with the likes of Gardens & Villa and James Supercave. With Water Slice becoming the primary focus for Phillips, he became convinced that “This Way” was the way to go. Phillips explains: 

“Many of my favorite tunes, whether post-punk, power-pop, or reggae, are stories of suffering, while staying undeniably groovy. I love this contrast of heavy lyrics with otherwise sunny music, and I kept this tradition in mind when writing ‘This Way.’ At the time I was stuck deep in a rut, ‘This Way’ is about accepting my flaws and pushing into the future with the people I love.”

Previously releasing the psychotropic “Dream State” last year and the guitar-swirling “Our Hearts Don’t” the year before that, Water Slice is eyeing for a more prominent 2018. While those tracks offered a comparable psychedelic-tinged resonance to his latest single, “This Way” overall comes off breezier, lighter, and jauntier. Performing within the aural vicinity of power-pop and indie-psychedelic rock, Water Slice delivers crisp and refreshing jams that will quench anyone’s musical thirst, all summer long. Not to fret though, as “This Way” can easily guide you through any season you’re up against.


Photo Credit: Gregory Sheppard

Get your first listen to “This Way” below. You can also catch Water Slice performing on April 24 at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles and his debut EP will be arriving later this summer. For more updates on Water Slice, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.