EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: William Wild’s “Wound Up” is the Folklore of Peace We Need Right Now


There’s an intimacy in the voice of Garrett Sale that makes it easy to imagine staying in bed, listening to the drawl of an early morning rain. A fragile similarity to that of Sam Beam, of the iconic Iron & Wine, Sale’s moniker, William Wild too, is perfectly inviting. 

“Wound Up,” William Wild’s latest, premieres here before its official May 4 release. Precisely hushed vocals meet a collaborative production of detailed instrumentation. The track lacks nothing. Charming his listener, William Wild has carefully orchestrated a team of vivid strings, horns, and keys to illustrate a perfectly painted picture of a self-inflicted falling-out. 


American folk has long been community-focused, so it makes sense that Sale’s exploration of music began while attending the University of Tennessee, among friends. And, through an exploration of self-peace, Sale would use his own struggles with self-pity, guilt and materialism to form kindred pieces laced with hope. On the creation of “Wound Up,” Sale gives, 

“‘Wound Up’ is about confronting who you’ve become. Over time I’ve realized how fragile, or maybe fickle, the trajectory of our lives can be. Small tweaks in values, false narratives, pain avoidance mechanisms, etc., can all feel very subtle on a day to day level. But over the course of a few years, the tweaks can cause you to end up feeling like a hollow, unrecognizable version of who you used to be. This song is me battling through the cliché of ‘joy is in the making.’ Trying to understand that and working to avoid the moment where I’ve realized that I’ve just ‘wound up’ somewhere.”

With his offering of faithful Americana, William Wild has shown up at a time where we needed him most.  “Wound Up” is the tranquility we need right now. Prepare to be whisked away by William Wild’s “Wound Up” below, or stream anywhere here