EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Witness Thoreau Transcend from EDM into Hip Hop with “In For”


With a moniker like Thoreau, one can’t really be sure what to expect. Philosophical musings? EDM? Hip hop? Deeper meanings to it all? Producer, songwriter, and artist Thoreau means to keep you on your toes with his new single ,“In For,” dropping June 14, as he departs from his former realm of EDM into the hip hop arena.

Denver-based artist Harry Meyers, better known as Thoreau, has been creating music since the age of 10. The adoption of his stage name is a testament to his passion for nature, music, and writing. Thoreau first made waves in 2016 amongst EDM fans on SoundCloud with his vast collection of remixes, all amassing thousands of streams individually. After developing further as a producer and songwriter, he felt a strong desire to share his voice, lyricism, and messages with the world. This brings us to the next step in his career, the release of his highly anticipated debut EP and the leading single.

“In For” hosts a myriad of various EDM production elements and electronic-infused hip hop beats, which pair perfectly with Thoreau’s intriguing R&B/pop style of sing-rapping. A song that will definitely merit a second or third or fourth listen, the lyrics flow quickly and explore coping with feeling inadequate for the one you love. From referencing an empty bank account to the inability to cry, Thoreau ironically laments that he’s not the type of guy that a “nice girl” should pursue, but “she knows what she’s in for.”  


Thoreau dove deeper into the message behind the song with us:

“I wrote ‘In For’ based on episodes of never feeling good enough, apologetically accounting for my own weaknesses. Sometimes I’m amazed that the people closest to me continue put up with all my shit, and this song is heartfelt exaggeration of this. We’ve all wished we could be better people for the ones we love, but what matters most is that we see ourselves for what we truly are, imperfect and beautiful.” 

Take an exclusive listen to “In For” below and keep your eyes peeled for his debut EP set to release later this summer!