If you've followed Ones To Watch as of late, then you've probably noticed our serious fandom for XYLØ. Who could blame us, though? They're a charming brother-sister duo, they're about to hit the road with The Naked And Famous, and most importantly, they're undoubtedly dominating the world of dark pop music. Case in point: their latest creation, "Dead End Love." 

The name alone alludes to a recurring theme in XYLØ's music: transcending a polished, seemingly perfect illusion to face the truth of a sometimes harsh reality. Whether they're referring to the superficiality of their hometown in "LA Love Song," political corruption in "America" and "Fool's Paradise," or standing at a grueling crossroads in "Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea," XYLØ's songs are never void of deeper meaning…something that isn't necessarily common in pop.

"Dead End Love" chronicles your standard toxic relationship, as Paige Duddy describes a hopeless romantic who "wear[s] [her] heart on the outside" and tells her lover to "keep driving" despite the relationship "forever falling down." Nonetheless, if you don't scrutinize the lyrics as we just did, Chase Duddy's dynamic synth-pop production allows you to jovially listen to this song without becoming completely depressed. XYLØ shared,

“Dead End Love is a song about two people that are so in love that the only way they can truly eternally be together is by the ultimate sacrifice, which of course, is death.”

XYLØ' scores, yet again. "Dead End Love" will be officially released tomorrow, Sept. 30, but in the meantime, your exclusive stream is below.