EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: YouTube Sensation Megan Davies’ “Doesn’t Matter” Is the New Anti-Bully Anthem


Megan Davies - acoustic guitar strumming YouTube sensation - says she wishes she knew in high school what she knows now. Her latest release, "Doesn't Matter," resonates with the current anti-bullying era as she sings,

"I can't seem to find my place, but I'm closer than yesterday / Wish I'd figure it out when the whole world felt so strange / It matters, it matters, it matters, until it doesn’t matter … We're all just skin and bones, trying to make it better / We're all just holding on, trying to fit together."


As Davies struts away from the YouTube covers she's so well-known for, she steps into the lane of empowerment. She shared, 

"'Doesn’t Matter' is a song about growing up and discovering your confidence. It’s a reminder that even the biggest of problems feel smaller with time. No matter how mature we get it seems we always have to relearn this lesson, but with life comes the gift of perspective, and it gets a little easier each time. Personally, it’s what I wish I knew in high school and in a way is a letter to myself back then."

The now Nashville-based artist has garnered quite the cult-following after uploading mash-up videos of popular songs to her YouTube channel. Her millions of views have given her incredible opportunities from performing for Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendeya to the creators of The Greatest Showman. 

Though she enjoys the covers she's created for YouTube, her true passion lies in creating original music. Her latest release, "Doesn't Matter," is a self-written fight song that's accompanied by a liberating video of a young boy and his own quest with the school bullies. Davies hopes to share that though the pain of bullying hurts now, it will not hurt forever - and that each day is a chance to move a little further in the quest to self-love. 

Watch and listen to Megan Davies' latest track, "Doesn't Matter" below: