EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Zander Hawley Croons of an Unreachable Love in “When You See My Heart”


Photo Credit: Marcella Davida

Our first feature on Zander Hawley comes to you with his new single, "When You See My Heart." The LA-based singer-songwriter brings us a slow-burning ballad with consistently captivating, lyrical storytelling.

Hawley is currently on his first tour, opening for The Naked and Famous as the two acts play dates up the West Coast. With just two stops under his belt thus far, he played an extraordinary show at the Largo at the Coronet on March 9, establishing himself as an artist worth the download and ticket.

At just 20 years old, Hawley first caught our attention with his refreshingly intimate lyrics. His first EP and album proved to be optimistically self-aware. Hawley's maturity shines through his experiences of heartbreak and frustration, and "When You See My Heart" is no different.  This deeply perceptive story of a love just out of his reach, paired with his smooth vocals and melodic electric guitar, make for a memorable and emotional composition. It's evident that Hawley has a range of talent to show off and he's determined to create his truth.

Hawley shared on his inspiration behind the single,

“I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to describe what inspired the song while preserving the privacy of all parties involved. It’s sort of like if I were a horse, and this carrot was being dangled in front of me just beyond my reach, but the carrot kept telling me she cared about me. And the carrot isn’t actually there, it’s just a picture of a carrot. And the carrot is smart and funny and pretty and maybe still dating her carrot ex-boyfriend the whole time. The horse gets so frustrated that he never got to see this carrot, I mean really see this carrot, that in the back of his mind he just starts grasping at any idea of how he might be able to see her. But even in the fantasy, even in the dream, it doesn’t work out between them."

Hawley has previously collaborated with Phoebe Bridgers, an Ones To Watch favorite. She is featured on his 2017 debut album, When I Get Blue. He is also one half of the band Honeywater, a folk-tinged duo with actress and activist Amandla Stenberg. In the summer of 2015, Honeywater's debut EP reached #7 on the iTunes Folk chart. Later that year, Hawley released his first solo EP, I Wish I Was, and moved to Nashville where he finished writing & recording When I Get Blue. Now, Hawley is back in his hometown of Los Angeles.  

We're excited for Zander Hawley's newest single and first tour. Listen to "When You See My Heart" exclusively here, until it drops wide on March 13.