EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Zuma. -  “Ruby” feat. Lenis Kim and YNGDRGN


As young adults on the perpetual hunt for purpose in this universe, we often encounter conflicts tied to the concept of timing. "Ruby" addresses the bittersweet battle of falling in love when the timing is not right, and it just happens to be set against a silky smooth soundscape courtesy of Zuma. Is it just us, or did Wednesday morning just get real streamy?

San Diego-based producer/DJ Zuma. has presented us with ample baby-making production as of late, with "Haste" and "All Nite," another recent collaboration with sultry vocalist Lenis Kim. "Ruby" recruits the fellow SoCal artist YNGDRGN for a mid-track breakdown, followed up by Kim's expressive lyricism and Zuma.'s smooth dancehall-inspired synths to pull it all together.

Lenis Kim shared her inspiration for the lyrics,

"My lyrics are about a love that would have been perfect if only the timing. It's definitely not a sad song, but it goes off the idea of letting someone you love go and just working with it. Because… we're out here in college, grinding, hustling, trying to make the most of ourselves NOW. This is OUR time, and we owed it to ourselves and each other to distance,so we did.  This song to me is a direct expression of this experience, and I feel good about it. This music lives and breathes, and it would be crazy dope if listeners were going through something similar and could relate."

Well, things just got "crazy dope" because as the first listeners of this track, we can absolutely relate to the decision to "[take] our time" with love while "our dreams and our passions" maintain priority. 

Your first listen of "Ruby" is below, and it will be available on SoundCloud today.