Today, we are boldly challenging one of the most common sayings in the English language with Emmi's "Couldn't Care Less." While the general assumption might be that such words encompass bitter deceit, the talented songwriter has surprised us with a genuinely heartfelt ode to the literal inability to care less about an "unrequited love that doesn't give up."

From the intimate nature of the music video to the raw emotion contained in every lyric, "Couldn't Care Less" is a telling representation of Emmi's wholehearted and honest approach towards songwriting. Her personal connection translates to her work, as she shared,

"I started wondering if those words could mean something other than a dismissal. What if they were an expression of true love, and we flipped it on its head. 'I couldn't care less, because I am literally incapable of caring less than I do. I can't help it.' That idea resonated with me. Because I care a lot. About basically everything. And sometimes I wish I wouldn't. Maybe I'd get some sleep." 

While this may not seem like an ideal situation, Emmi upholds her artistry with a bright outlook on the situation, noting,

"See, someone in love is largely incapable of paying heed to the facts. They live in hope. I think that's beautiful." 

The overwhelming passion of Emmi's words are offset with more subtle, piano and percussion-driven instrumentation that gives us a rather enjoyable classic jazz lounge vibe. Featuring various nostalgic video clips interwoven with Emmi's solo performance, the visual encapsulates the enchanting spell we fall under when we love someone so dearly. Emmi commented,  

“The video for me is an expression of the idea that, love, much like the world and life at large, is both heartbreakingly cruel and beautiful in equal measure. We can't control everything but we can choose to continue to care. 'In this world of war, this world of hate, love's what we need, so what are you afraid of?'"

Pick up your copy of the Taylor Swift-approved Emmi's new single, "Couldn't Care Less," here.