Exclusive: Van Bellman Packs A Punch With Knockout Single


Van Bellman, also known as Zac Taylor and as the touring guitarist for American Authors, is not afraid to show some grit and growl with his new single "I Hate to See You This Way." This bluesy rock and indie pop track hits you hard from the second it starts and never seems to lose its momentum. With honest lyrics that tell it like is and vocals packed with attitude to match, Van Bellman really rocks it out with a soulful swagger all his own. You'd never guess this Brooklyn based musician was a hotel bellhop only a few years back. Now he's come a long way from that, developing this latest project for the world to hear.

"I Hate to See You This Way" centers on the pain of seeing someone you love go down a dark and harmful path that could inevitably lead to self-destruction. The emotive song conveys the emotion of that powerless feeling when you want to help someone out, but are unsure of how.

Meant to be listened to loud, this track's roaring energy, passionate vocals, and vintage instrumentation deliver a truly knockout song with a definite direction.

“This song is a culmination of all my favorite things: distorted guitars, screaming chorus, raw emotions, big fat drums, a bit retro, a bit modern. It may come across as dark, but there’s an underlying sense of optimism in there. I won’t tell you who it’s about. But I hope it helps somebody somewhere out there feel better.”

Take your first listen to "I Hate to See You This Way" below.