Sometimes, the truest test of a band's talent is to strip them down to their most core elements, no special effects, no senseless gimmicks–just the artists and their instruments. That's exactly what Socal "sun-kissed alternative" foursome HAWAI have demonstrated in their Live From The Red Room rendition of "In My Head." 

Set in Switchfoot's intimate, scarlet-lit L.A. studio, Jake Pappas (vocals, guitar), Jesse Dorman (drums), Jared Slaybaugh (bass, vocals), and Matt Gillen (keyboards, synth) allow the deeply emotional and romantic nature of "In My Head" to shine brightly through. We get the sense that we're standing in the room as Pappas passionately sings, "I would die for another night as your lover," and at that moment, we're wholeheartedly rooting for him as well. He expanded on the band's goal behind the "In My Head" visual,

“We wanted to capture an intimate version of our EP 'Working All Night,' with moody lights and a different vibe then what we traditionally do live. There’s something special about stripping your songs down to bare bones…it’s rather revealing. Our goal with the session was to reel people in a bit closer than normal and to offer an alternate version of each song that you can download and throw onto your iPod or MP3 player. People still have those right?”

…No, we don't have an iPod, but this is certainly going in at the top of our YouTube favorites and winter time cuddle playlists. 

"In My Head" is the opening track on HAWAI's debut EP, Working All Night, produced by Lars Stalfors (Cold War Kids, Deap Vally) and released via Antler Records. Pick up your copy of the EP here, and enjoy your exclusive stream of "In My Head" live below.