EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: So Much Light- “Simple How I Feel”

As humans in the modern age, we are guilty of the tendency to over-complicate just about anything–especially when it comes to love. Every now and then, we recommend a healthy mental exercise in removing yourself from the petty, daily minutiae in order to grasp an all-encompassing perspective on the situation. As the cliche saying goes, simpler is always better.

Northern California singer and songwriter So Much Light demonstrates a genuine grasp on this concept in his brand new song and music video, "Simple How I Feel." While their lives are stripped down to the very bare necessities in an underground hideout, two lovers come to realize what really matters in their relationship. As Damien Verrett (So Much Light) eloquently asks, "Why's it got to be so fucking complicated?"

In the visual, we witness the slow deterioration of romance and affection as Damien and his significant gradually run out of food and supplies in their tiny bomb shelter. The precarious situation is offset by So Much Light's tender acoustic guitar virtuoso and compassionate lyricism, encouraging the two to focus on the love that bonds them together. Damien expanded on his inspiration for the song,

"I sometimes fall into a trap of obstructing my true feelings with metaphor while songwriting. As a lyrical exercise, I thought it would be fun to write an expressly literal song about being distant from a loved one.

While writing the chorus I got stuck. I started searching for the perfect lyric to crystalize my frustrations and nothing felt profound enough. Finally, I tapped into the least articulate part of myself and arrived at, "Why's it gotta be so fucking complicated?" In the face of big feelings and complex situations, acting a little petulant can be liberating.

In the song I'm despairing over a relationship like it's the end of the world. In the video, it's literally the end of the world, yet I'm still despairing over a relationship. In talking to people this last year I've had a lot of "doomsday" related conversations–that was mine and Jane Qian's (director) main inspiration for setting the video in a bomb shelter.  We filmed this video pre-election, and I'm really hoping there's nothing prophetic about it. I guess it's reassuring that even if we have to move underground we'll still be confronting the same old relationship problems."

Director Jane Qian shared more insight on the visual narrative,

"When I first got on the phone with Damien about the music video, he told me he had recently watched an episode of 'Malcom In The Middle' and they were stuck in a bomb shelter and thought that setting could be something fun to explore.

We wanted to create a film around a stale relationship deteriorating due to their claustrophobic environment. As the story builds, we slowly unveil that Damien’s stuck in this physical space by choice, unable to let go of his former love. So Much Light’s emotional performance, intercut with the narrative, really brought the film to life.

My cinematographer (Jake Bianco) and production designer (Caitlin Laingen) are crazy talented! When I first told them we need to shoot in a bomb shelter, we did some research and realized they’re nowhere to be found in Los Angeles. However, days before our shoot, we found an empty school bus and turned that into a moody bomb shelter within hours!"

"So Much Light" will be available via Anti Records YouTube on Dec. 2, but you can enjoy your exclusive stream above in the meantime.