EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Soft Glas Channels Wes Anderson in “Perks of Being A Sunflower”


I first became familiar with Soft Glas when he released this amazing rework of James Blake's "Put That Away." This was two years ago. Since then, he's dropped his debut project Late Bloom in 2016 and followed it up with the critically acclaimed Orange Earth in 2017. The Brooklyn-based producer and songwriter is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist who creates music as a form of therapy. You can tell this is true because like the human mind, his sound is expansive; moving freely between Indie, jazz, soul, and electronic productions like they were scattered thoughts and ideas.

Today, we have an exclusive video premiere of "Perks of Being A Sunflower", the latest single taken from Orange Earth. Directed by Aaron Vazquez, Sinjun Strom, and Joao Gonzalez (aka Soft Glas), the video focuses on Soft Glas moving through a room and partaking in several activities. Think: Wes Anderson directing an episode of The Brady Brunch. 

Soft Glas shed some light on the video:

"'Perks’ is a song built on a stream of consciousness. It’s about nothing and everything at the same time. The sound is light and simple, as are many of the lyrics but it’s injected with seemingly random brutal honesty. This reflects a realistic stream of consciousness. The video focuses on romanticizing the mundane. It’s inspired by overtly stylized cinema in order to play on juxtaposition."

We appreciate outside-the-box videos and that’s why we love this one. Watch the full video for "Perks of Being A Sunflower" below.