EXES and Jome’s “One Day” Is a Tragically Romantic Tune About Getting Old Together [PREMIERE]


Bicoastal indie-pop duo EXES is best known for their lyrically-driven, dreamlike tracks that have been featured on Taylor Swift's "Songs Taylor Loves" playlist as well as on television shows such as Quantico and the Netflix reboot of Degrassi. Following on the tails of their latest EP, Before You Go, EXES teamed up with Los Angeles and New Orleans based synth-pop duo Jome for a new EP coming out in 2019. Jome creates a new brand of heartbreaking yet optimistic indie pop, and their songs have also been featured on numerous television shows. The quartet retreated into Northern California's Marin County to write a collection of meaningful songs together while sitting in their living room-turned-studio.

We're premiering the first single to arise from this collaboration: a tragically romantic piece called "One Day." The song explores the themes of love, time, and idea of growing old with someone else. Dark acoustic and electric guitar riffs, smooth vocal harmonies, and an intricate production design make this the perfect song to listen to while bundled up in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night. The lyrics evoke feelings of nostalgia as they romantically illustrate a scenario of spending time with a loved one. 

Here's what EXES had to say about "One Day" and about writing with Jome:

"'One Day' is almost like our take on a winter love song. It's a song that feels like the soft and romantic first snowfall of the season. Whenever we write with JOME, we always tend to hit that happy-sad sweet spot lyrically and musically. So, although the song is sweet, it hints at themes of love and death – the unknown territory of growing old with someone else."

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