Experience A Sci-Fi Robot Love Story with L8LOOMER’s “Digital Heartaches” Video


L8LOOMER breathes fresh honesty into hip hop with an eye-opening criticism of our society’s superficial priorities. Pronounced “Late Bloomer,” the LA-based artist just dropped his debut EP SoulM8s, which features tracks with Banoffee, Anne Dereaux, Doja Cat and TEN Music Group labelmate Erik Hassle. His lyrics are a welcomed reminder that material things are fleeting, relaying that authentic happiness comes from inside. His EP is packed full of bangers, blurring the lines between rapping and singing with his silky vocals and rhythmic delivery. 

His video “Digital Heartaches” is a futuristic animation complete with glitchy cityscapes, motorcycles and a robot love story.

The “Digital Heartaches” video begins with an avatar watching TV in a catatonic state. The audience is taken into the video from the calm of the living room, almost as if watching alongside the animation. The contrast between the calm of the avatar’s apartment and the video being watched is immense. The audience is taken into the TV, where a gargantuan holographic naked girl dances through a metropolitan city, lit up with strobing pixels from surrounding panels. 

L8LOOMER appears on a motorcycle, promptly rolling up to a rainbow-hued robotic woman. Pandemonium breaks out after he gets a call from a woman named “RAe,” and the music breaks into a lush explosion of vocals as he takes off with the robot woman on his bike. Red light washes over the pair, and the video expands into a glitchy digital universe as L8LOOMER breaks into a particularly aggressive verse. 

The video ends back in the living room of the avatar, who is now passed out on the couch with a full pizza and a lit blunt. This is one you might want to watch a few times over as there is a lot to absorb, and it gets better and better with every replay. The “Digital Heartaches” track behind the visuals is deserving of such a thought-out and inventive video, and the two combined make a powerful statement.

If you’re as obsessed with L8LOOMER as we are, you can catch him at Madame Siam on September 18 with Bahari and COTIS.