Experience the Magic of Hobo Johnson Live With the Fan Footage Video of “Sex in the City”


Hobo Johnson and his merry band of lovemakers embody the very spirit of DIY artistry. From his beginning, performing on the street and grinding out at innumerable open mic nights, all while living out of '94 Toyota Corolla, to striking viral fame with a frenzied live performance of his standout single "Peach Scone," Hobo Johnson has held onto the defining roots that make him such an enthralling act to witness. His live fan footage video for the track "Sex In The City" sees him taking these DIY aesthetics to newfound territory and heights.

Previously released as the opening track to Hobo Johnson's debut album, The Rise of Hobo Johnson, the fan footage video gives the track an explosive resurrection. Comprised of over 140 videos taken by fans during the Minneapolis stop on Hobo Johnson's ongoing Ones To Watch presented 'Bring Your Mom' tour, the video captures exactly what makes the artist's set such a not-to-miss experience.

Mixing together elements of spoken word, hip-hop, folk, and alternative rock, Hobo Johnson's live set is a frenetic, high-energy showing of an artist rapidly on the rise. And, as the live rendition provides ample evidence of, no Hobo Johnson set is quite like the last. From both the reference to the audience members in the front row to the mention of losing a bag of T-shirts while at a previous stop on the tour, you are bound to walk away from this DIY poet's performance with a memory of the night that is all your own. It is this unexpected yet refined nature of Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers that is captured in the live rendition "Sex in the City" and is bound to be present on every stop of the tour to come.  

Watch the video below and catch Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers in a city near you.