The Marías ‘Superclean Vol. II’ EP Is a Long-Awaited Dream Given Form


Photo: Joe Perri

 Los Angeles doesn't deserve The Marías. Fronted by Puerto Rican songstress María herself, the dreamy outfit blends jazz and soul to create an ethereal listening experience. They released their EP Superclean Vol. I to rave reviews, and have since teased the second installment of the project with their singles, "Cariño" and "Clueless." Well, Superclean, Vol. II is here and it's a masterpiece adorned with atmospheric instrumentals and velvety vocals. We thought we were already deep into our love affair with the Marías, but now we are thoroughly convinced that Los Angeles, or any city for that matter, is simply undeserving of their talents. 

Superclean, Vol. II begins with "Ruthless," a sensual slow-burner with a bombshell of a chorus. María conveys the thesis of the song in a near whisper, singing, "But darling the truth is, in darkness I'm ruthless." The next song on the EP, "Cariño," was released as a single, and brings a bright, youthful energy to the project. Contrasting the energy of the previous track, "ABQ" is just slightly over five minutes of spectacularly crafted moodiness. María's voice and the surrounding instrumentals are nearly indiscernible, blending into another to effectively create a serene space for the music and the listener to lay their head.

Photo: Meghan Cummings

"Loverboy" arrives as the interlude and as María's vocals float along, it feels like one is being guided by a distant siren through the vast albeit welcoming cosmos. That tranquil trip carries over into "Over the Moon," which has a whimsical Lana Del Rey inspired yet uniquely The Marías tinge of loneliness, featuring the poignant line, "I'm lost completely, I might as well be over the moon."

The EP ends with a biting track titled, "Clueless," which heats up their defining laid-back quality with rhythmic and percussive vocals. You really would have to be clueless to not love this track.

The Marías has gone from magnetic to addicting with Superclean, Vol. II, and they're just getting started. Check them out on tour with Triathalon this fall, presented by yours truly.

Listen to Superclean, Vol. II below:

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