Fall in “Superlove” With the Latest Collaboration From Whethan & Oh Wonder


Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

Last we checked it wasn't Valentine's day, but Whethan and Oh Wonder have us feeling some type of way. The Chicago producer and wunderkind teams up with London-based alt-pop duo Oh Wonder to deliver a new single that is nothing short of pure bliss.

"Superlove" is the sonic embodiment of the emotional rush that comes alongside infatuation. Whethan paints a pastel-portrait of bubbly effervescence with his futuristic production, and Oh Wonder does a spectacular job of matching every one of Whethan's sweeping brush strokes. The collaboration brings forth an unbridled sense of joy, as Whethan's production continually gives off of a sense of active experimentation, never lingering at a single place a moment too long. Then there's Josephine of Oh Wonder's flurry of lovely references to the animalistic qualities of love, which only adds to the liveliness of the entire production.


"Superlove" was a clear labor of love between Whethan and Oh Wonder, as the Chicago producer shared in a statement,

“Being able to collaborate with Oh wonder was such an honor. I have been a fan of them and their music for a long time. So excited to show this song because it takes me to such a happy place.”

The love affair was very much mutual. Oh Wonder expanded further on working with the producing wunderkind,

"Working with Ethan on ‘Superlove’ was magic. We had a day together in a studio in LA and wrote 'Superlove’ within half an hour of sitting down with him. We went to get pizza, came back and knew we had written something cool. This is our first collaboration with another artist and we are so hyped to be doing that with Whethan. We love what’s he done with the production and he instantly knew how the song should sound. Whethan is a true talent."

We couldn't agree more. Full of life, brimming with joy, Whethan and Oh Wonder have truly encapsulated what it feels like to be in love with "Superlove."

Listen to "Superlove" below and make sure to keep an eye out for Whethan as he embarks on his "Life of a Wallflower" tour: