Fans of Tom Misch will Love Zoology’s New EP, ‘Bloom’


Zoology's debut EP Bloom is finally here, with light, carefree grooves galore throughout the project. Organic guitars and abundant melodies combine with fun, bouncing rhythms, for a project that slides into a relaxing vibe as soon as you hit play.

The Zoology duo is composed of Emily Krueger and Beau Diakowicz, who connected over the internet as they hail from Canada and London, respectively. For two creatives coming from regions not necessarily known for sunny weather and clear skies, the two musicians are still able to capture that warm essence in their music, creating an album that harkens to perpetual summer.

Colors, nature, and emotions are some of Zoology's most prominent songwriting muses on Bloom, beautifully complementing the tone of the music itself. "I get lost in your waterfalls," repeats Krueger on "Waterfalls," as the melodious guitar runs up and down the scales in the background. On the following song "Sakura" the metaphors of water give way to lush greenery, as the singer dreams of sitting under Sakura trees with her lover.

The lead single "Maroon" also serves as the first song on the tracklist, opening the album with acoustic, dreamy guitar chords. Krueger's ethereal voice blends into the music rather than hovering above it, uplifting the listener until the ensuing beat breakdown on the chorus. "And even if I could see the future / you'll always be my permanent picture," she sings, keeping the mood delicate and happy while the percussion dominates the soundscape.

For a duo that didn't meet in person until after releasing their first song "Escape" back in 2016, their chemistry when recording is already undeniable. With a sound reminiscent of London-based R&B star Tom Misch, expect Zoology to continue to impress in the near future as they look to build their name further. We were honored to host Zoology at our Baño Flaco showcase in December - stay tuned for the recap video coming soon!

Give Bloom a listen, and stay dialed in with the band as we move deeper into 2018.