Fate, Inspiration, & Touring: BASECAMP Shares Insight On The ‘In Stone’ EP


The theme of recognizing and embracing the inevitable takes a rather sultry form in BASECAMP’s new In Stone EP, which debuted via OWSLA Records on Oct. 21. In the span of six luscious electronic-infused R&B songs, the Nashville trio takes us on a sonic journey through the psyche of someone who gradually and reluctantly what seems to be a deeply traumatic breakup. 

Listen for yourself as you read more about the guys’ inspiration, musical evolution, artists to watch, and tour schedule in our Q&A below.

OTW: What’s the personal significance of the In Stone EP to you? Is there a overall theme or message to the album?

BC: I’d say In Stone holds a great significance to us. The subject matter is by far the most personal and unembellished of our work. We didn’t set out with a particular theme for the project, but once we had finished it, we saw that a theme had naturally occurred. That theme is fate. The angles vary between retrospective, present and prospective, but I think all the songs on this record tie into that idea of the unavoidable, and more so the acceptance of it.

OTW: Describe the evolution of your music since the original Basecamp EP to this?

BC: When we first started, we were only beginning to experiment with the sounds and aesthetic that we’ve come to identify with. A lot of it was done in the box, and for the most part, we didn’t really know what we were doing. To some extent, we still don’t, and I think that’s what’s allowed us and our sound to evolve in a unique way. I’d say on the technical side, the biggest difference is that we’ve severely cut back on the reliance of software. We try to do as much as we can with hardware now. I think overall, it feels much more organic and live than it did at the start.

OTW: How has working with OWSLA influenced your music/live shows?

BC: I think in a very positive way, OWSLA has had very little influence on the actual creation and production of our live shows and music. They’ve offered us support and guidance, without stepping on our natural creative expression and growth. I think that’s a bit of a rarity for a label with that kind of clout. They help us to find inspiration without forcing it on us, which is incredible.

OTW: Who are 3 artists on your Ones To Watch list & why?

BC: There’s far more than 3, but if I had to come up with a few off the top, I’d start with Xavier Omär. We did a show with him a few months back and clicked instantly. He’s insanely talented, and that talent is matched by his humility. 

Also Tennyson, incredible act. The arrangements and production are so intricate and tasteful. 

Then another artist we’ve gotten really into lately is Buoy. She’s out of Australia and her music is amazing. Great lyrics. Great melodies. Great production.

OTW: What’s up next for BASECAMP?

BC: Hitting the road! We’ll be out for the better part of the next 4 months touring in Canada, Europe & the US. Very exciting!