Feature: Michl Makes It Hurt So Good


Elusive up & comer Michl has presented us with only three songs thus far, but each one contains more raw emotion than most artists could hope to produce in a lifetime.

His latest creation, "Die Trying," is a seemingly hopeless tale of the trials and tribulations we face as we ponder the timeless question "Will we ever get to the other side? / Don’t know but I swear I’ll die trying."

The theme of death is also prevalent in Michl's debut track, "Kill Our Way To Heaven," a deeper insight into the human tendency to give in to addiction, dishonesty, and facades in the pursuit of reaching the notion of an ultimate "Heaven."

His sophomore single, "When You Loved Me Least," chronicles the deep-rooted heartbreak and subsequent backlash of someone who has been been brutally neglected by a past lover. While these lyrics are a bit more straightforward, Michl maintains a sense of realness with every single word, a cruel realness that most artists (and frankly, anyone) tend to brush to the side.

Aside from his poignant songwriting, Michl exudes incredibly powerful production and vocal techniques in every track. The smooth variations in his voice flawlessly compliment the dynamic instrumentation that takes listeners from the start to end like a simultaneously enjoyable and terrifying roller coaster ride.  

Michl is riding high on our Ones To Watch list this year. While his personal info is yet to be revealed, the music alone is bound to continue driving his success in 2016 and beyond. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming Q&A with Michl, where we uncover his intentions behind the music & his personal Ones To Watch artists.