Female Power Trio TRALA Takes On High School Personas In “Gotcha” Video [PREMIERE]


Though they may be fresh to DSPs, female-fronted power trio TRALA is no newbie when it comes to live performance. The infectious pop outfit was founded in 2013 by Jesi Jones, Julie Melucci and Moriah Smallbone, collectively hitting over 200 tour dates across the U.S., Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria. Since transitioning to the studio, the women of TRALA have proven that their work translates to digital, releasing unapologetically upbeat pop singles “Holy Collision,” “Creature Machine,” and “Gotcha.” They’re back with the video for “Gotcha,” an ode to their high school personas and an anthem for female friendships.


The video for “Gotcha” begins with each member of the band as a characterization of the social cliche to which they belonged as a teenager. Directed by Talain, the video is playfully high school, featuring different members of the trio playing parts ranging from cheerleader, to band geek to basketball player. Shot at a Don Lugo High in Chino, California, the “Gotcha” video has nostalgic warmth, a much appreciated sense of humor and a football field dance break–a better use of the space than an actual football game if you ask us.

Though the song sounds like a sanguine response to unearthing infidelity at first listen, careful attention to the lyrics actually reveals the lyrics as a commitment to friendship despite personality differences. TRALA comments on the inspiration behind the song and video, saying,

“There’s a long standing stereotype that women with diverse backgrounds, interests or influences don’t play well together. I suppose we defy the odds in that way. Our differences in both personality and life experiences have proved to be our greatest strength. This song makes a simple statement about unconditional friendship that has become our foundation as a group. ‘I’ve got you’ feels less like a lyric and more like a promise to each other.”


TRALA has encapsulated the high school fantasy we’ve all had about letting loose in the setting of academia, all the while making a point about differences in personality and background being a good thing. One watch of “Gotcha” and you’ll inevitably want to see TRALA live. Cross your fingers for a show near you soon.