‘Find Paradise’ in k?d’s Heart-Racing Electronic World


Enigmatic electronic artist and producer k?d, born Patrick Cybulski, first rose to prominence with striking remixes of Justice, Porter Robinson, and Daft Punk. Every track the Florida-based producer put his spin on showcased the at-the-time anonymous artist's distinctive penchant for giving newfound life to not only some of the biggest names in electronic music but reinvigorating a generation's love affair for what can be thought of as a golden era in dance music.

Now, with his debut EP, Find Paradise, k?d is not merely looking into electronic music's varied past for inspiration, but ushering in a new wave of blissful, larger-than-life dance music. The six-track EP is a journey taken at hyperspeed through a technology-driven soundscape. Despite the lack of ever-present human vocalists, outside of Mickey Kojak on the opening track "Electronic Memories," a narrative thread runs throughout Find Paradise. It is something felt in the grand, atmospheric, and developing worlds that make up the EP. This is not a drop for the sake of a drop. k?d has crafted something that truly feels alive.

If there were anything comparable to Find Paradise, it would be similar to hearing Porter Robinson's Worlds for the time. Behind every track, as we get further and further into the storied electronic world of k?d, a sense of emotional weight is increasingly prevalent. Such as on the standout title track, "Find Paradise," whose heavenly keys and angelic choirs make us question if we have finally arrived at paradise. While that sense of security is immediately betrayed on two tracks later on the pulse-racing "Destroy the Universe," it is not something we can feel particularly disheartened over. At the end of the day, it's about the journey and not the destination, and the journey k?d takes us on in Find Paradise is one we would gladly take time and time again.

Listen to Find Paradise below: