FINNEAS’ “Heaven” Contains More Unadulterated Lust Than ‘50 Shades of Grey’


Artist, producer, and actor FINNEAS, released his latest single, “Heaven,” on March 23. Best known for his work as the co-writer and producer who launched teen queen, Billie Eilish, to stardom in 2017, FINNEAS steps out from behind his sister to prove that 2018 is his year in the spotlight.

With a highly-anticipated showcase at SXSW this month and the debut of “Heaven,” featured on Spotify’s coveted New Music Friday playlist, it’s clear the industry is captivated by the young hit maker. What makes FINNEAS’ latest track so particularly addictive is that it lies on a bed of contradictions. While FINNEAS’ production techniques indicate his abilities are wise beyond his years, the lyrics in “Heaven” speak of a youthful lust, insatiable and infatuated. He speaks of an almost primal attraction, something which has not been diluted by the sensibility of age.

The song maintains a tone of deep and dark assertiveness while also leaving its listeners suspended in an otherworldly euphoria. Are we in heaven, or are we in a sort of over-indulgent hell? It begs the question if heaven and hell are ultimately all that different. In the pursuit of pleasure, can something that seems so good be so bad?

Following his instincts with production and lyricism, FINNEAS manages to skillfully articulate unadulterated lust better than any product in the 50 Shades of Grey franchise in less than four minutes. With the amount of craftsmanship in “Heaven,” FINNEAS makes it hard to believe he is only at the beginning of his career.