FINNEAS Pens a Beautifully Haunting Love Letter to “Hollywood Forever” Cemetery


The first words I muttered upon hearing "Hollywood Forever" were, "He can sing." An immediate thought that sprung into life seconds into the track, it is a testament to FINNEAS' empathic, sullen crooning. More than just being able to sing, FINNEAS knows how to weave a story into song. The Los Angeles-based artist has a string of successful solo releases under his belt and has written songs for the likes of Khalid, Sabrina Claudio, Olivia O'Brien, and Billie Eilish who also happens to be his sister.

FINNEAS' latest gift to the world comes in the form of a stirring ballad. A straightforward ballad that fully showcases the impressive range and innate power of the rising star's voice, the most commanding moments of "Hollywood Forever" are its subtlest. As they say, the devil is in the details. The furnishings here are not an increase in instrumentation but the brilliant use of ambient sounds. From the chirping of crickets that remain a constant throughout the track to the distant sounds of fireworks that burst off, FINNEAS leaves no space empty, crafting a veritable soundscape for the listener to explore. 


FINNEAS was kind enough to share the underlying inspiration for this haunting track,

"Hollywood Forever (for anyone who doesn't know) is a cemetery in the center of Hollywood. Over the summer, concerts are held and movies are shown on the cemetery grounds. It's a beautiful place to see a show but it's impossible not to be constantly reminded that you're standing in a graveyard. I love that. I love the idea of a place that forces you out of the denial that we're all living in, hoping we might be the first to live forever. It's important to know things end so you can make sure to enjoy them while they happen. That's love, that's life.

I fell in love a couple years ago on the 4th of July after planning our first date at the Hollywood Forever cemetery seeing 'Grease.' It's hard not to love a place that reminds you of falling in love. I've gone several times in the ensuing years to see concerts and films and just to walk around. I love it every time and it epitomizes so much of the film and music industry to me. A place where celebrities are buried and events and celebrations are held. Not all sad things should be ignored. If you end up in LA or you're already here, spend a grey morning sitting on a bench by the lake at the cemetery and think about your life and what you love and care about."

What FINNEAS has succeeded in doing is creating more than just a breathtaking song. He has immortalized a single moment in time with his music. A moment that we are lucky enough to bear witness to.

Listen to "Hollywood Forever" below:

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