Five For Friday: Misun, Chet Faker, Haerts, Les Sins & BORNS

Back - Chet Faker

Chet Faker’s latest is a slow-burning, wordless foray into what we can only describe as the halfway point between the tropics and space. Plus one on our weekend playlist, please. 

10,000 Emerald Pools - BORNS

The weather may be getting chillier, but here in L.A., we’re still hanging onto the sunshine with the help of BORNS, aka singer-songwriter Garrett Borns. One listen to his aptly-titled single will transport you to poolside mentality in an instant. 

Talk About - Les Sins

As exciting as chillwave house sounds, it’s hard not to slip under the tide of trance-y monoliths that all start blending into one another from artist to artist when perusing the options. On Chaz Bundick new side project as Les Sins, we’ve come to look out for fun hip-hop samples that pepper Euro-inspired dance tracks to keep things fresh. 

No One Needs To Know - Haerts 

New York’s Haerts are on the verge of releasing their debut next week. Just a preliminary listen reveals their penchant for capturing the sweet hush-hush of hiding high school crushes and a healthy appreciation for Fleetwood Mac. To stoke anticipation, they released two singles this week, of which our favorite was “No One Needs To Know.” 

Superstitions - Misun

L.A.-based Misun has never ceased to deliver funky, exotic electronica that makes us forget, temporarily, that we are in California. You can take her music anywhere and probably incite a dance circle. Her latest single is a kaleidoscopic tune that trips over itself with vibrancy. Go for it and hit the replay button.