Five Opening Acts You Should Know About

There are two types of people in this world who go to concerts: those who go just to see their band, and others who go to take in the whole concert experience. For both types of people - it’s always a plus when the opening act doesn’t suck.

We have to hand it to our Ones To Watch artists, past and present, for having opening acts that not only don’t suck, but who are way talented in their own right. Learn about them below!

Run River North

Opened for: Noah and the Whale

This group of talented multi-instrumentalists combine the best of head-banging, grass-roots folk with an overflowing proportion of passion that would put Marcus Mumford to shame on an off-night. 

Little Comets

Opened for: Atlas Genius

This scrappy English trio takes the best of pop-rock and staggers gleefully off with it into the quaint realm of “kitchen-sink indie” (our new favorite term per Wikipedia <3), and we’re more than happy to follow. 


Opened for: twenty one pilots

These days, female rappers are all over the place. Like, whatever happened to Eve and can anyone actually relate to Nicki Minaj and basically we just really miss Left Eye, okay. Thankfully, Lauryn Hill is back out of jail and there’s a girl named Sirah returning hope to the game. Her collaborations with Skrillex and charged, tongue-in-check musings turned raps are more than just refreshing - they’re ahead of her time.

Robert Delong

Opened for: twenty one pilots

On a scale of one to Animal Collective, Robert DeLong probably falls closer on the conservative side of live experimental electronic rock. His varied approach to sound and beats-collecting includes live-looping the noise of a Nintendo64 controller. Questionable, but it works, and it also helps that DeLong is a pro at working a crowd as easily as he is jamming by himself in a van. 

The Mowgli’s

Opened for: Walk off the Earth

There is a fine line between making radio-appeasing alt-rock and having super-spatial jam sessions. Southern California eight-piece The Mowgli’s have managed to figure out how to walk comfortably on both sides of the road. Case in point: spacey, My Morning Jacket-worthy guitar riffs and harmonies exist in peace on their album alongside alternative radio gold track “San Francisco,” which broke Top 20 in Billboard’s Alternative charts this year.