FKJ Enlists Masego for a Genre-Blending Improvised Jam Session on “Tadow”


FKJ and Masego linked up two years ago today to produce the jam session of all jam sessions, otherwise known as the silky smooth "Tadow." The video for the wholly improvised single has been watched over 130 million times and has wowed audiences across the world on sold-out tours and larger-than-life festivals stages, à la Coachella. So, what better way to celebrate the absolute hit single than drop an official music video for it all. Check out Masego and FKJ's "Tadow" music video below, as well as what we originally thought when we first saw that jam session go down. 

The tried and true jam session is typically reserved for messing around with friends in garages, but for FKJ and Masego, it exemplifies the splendor that can come about from improvisation. From the outset of the session, the two make no misgivings about the raw scope of their creativity. 

As if it is all second nature to them, Masego flips through a passport book to create a backing beat, while FKJ improvises a series of looping guitar and bass lines. The two appear almost restless with pure enjoyment at what they are actively creating, picking up any instrument they can get their hands on. They continue to add layer upon layer of sound with renewed excitement, being careful never to linger on one idea for too long. 

At the end of the eight-minute session, the outcome is "Tadow"–a song that effortlessly blends electronica, jazz, neo soul, and hip hop. Indeed, it is hard to imagine that "Tadow" is the creation of an improvised jam session, as it has all the earmarks of a meticulously well-crafted and thought-out single. It all goes to show the refreshingly astounding work that can come about when two improvisational geniuses come together for a day in the studio.

Watch "Tadow" below and keep up with Masego on Ones To Watch: