flor Delivers the Perfect Holiday Surprise With “get behind this”


Photo: Catie Laffoon

Christmas has come early, or well, Hanukah has arrived a tad late, but then again, maybe it's Kwanza coming early? Whatever may be your reason for the season, rejoice, as Los Angeles alternative-pop outfit flor has surprised us all with a brand new single this holiday season. "get behind this" marks the first song the band has shared since their acclaimed debut full-length album, come out. you're hiding, released via Fueled By Ramen.

The adrenaline-pumping new single has long been a staple for flor's electrifying shows but hearing it in this newfound context, allows us to appreciate every single aspect of "get behind this." Like much of flor's best work, "get behind this" is a dual-sided force. The anthemic instrumentation and production veil truly nuanced songwriting that hints at the very real human experience. Against heavenly, '80s-evoking synth-production, flor sings, "But all this joy out of the ashes… I guess I never thought / Anything good could come from the dead and gone." "get behind this" hints at those early moments following a loss, but we do not find flor wallowing. Rather, we find a band turning that elusive silver lining into a song with the makings of a hit. Frontman Zach Grace spoke on the surprise release of the new single, sharing,

"We were fortunate to spend a lot of 2018 in the studio, and couldn't wait until next year to start sharing new music. 'get behind this' has been one of our favorite songs to perform live for a while now, and we're so happy to release it as a single. The song is our gift to you this holiday season."

The eagerness to release "get behind this" mirrors the unrelenting nature of the track itself. As flor strides through the exuberant single, it is near impossible not to be instilled with a similar sense of optimism for what is to come in the new year. And with what flor has shown us in 2018, it is safe to say 2019 will be quite the year for the band.

Listen to "get behind this" below and catch the alternative-pop band on tour with Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness this January:

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