Folk-Pop Trio Luci Makes a Stunning Debut with “Ashes (Stripped)”


Luci is an all-female Los Angeles-based folk pop trio with the stunning ability to combine power and fragility in their music. Think Destiny’s Child with a sprinkle of midwestern twang. Their debut single, “Ashes (Stripped),” is a harrowing take on heartbreak, featuring chilling harmonies over bare instrumentals and a chorus that will undoubtedly resurface in the form of a hum as you go about your day. Made up of vocalists and multi-instrumentalists McKail Seely, Ashley Maietta and Ariana Tibi, these three have voices that were made to be combined together.

“Ashes (Stripped)” begins with raw guitar picking, settling the listener in for a moment of calm before vocals come in. The song has an intimate feel, almost as if being serenaded by the singers around a campfire. While relatively upbeat, it cuts deep with relatable lyrics and authentic delivery. The trio sings,

“In the middle of the night I’m feeling how you’re breathing. There’s a warning in your sigh, you’re leaving. Are you leaving?”


The chorus of the song is followed by a whistle, emphasizing the campiness of the song while providing a unique contrast to the painful lyrics. Pops of harmonies are spattered throughout, but the bridge is nothing short of stunning as the three vocals swell into a fiery climax, topped with a jawdroppingly dissonant high note. A brief pause then cascades into a rendition of the chorus, like ash drifting through the air, and the vocals pick back up with a muted version of the chorus. This song is felt rather than heard.

They’re just getting started but Luci is destined for great things. Catch them live at the Pershing Square Summer Concert Series in Los Angeles on August 11 and stay tuned for more harmonies from the Luci Ladies soon.