Former Made In Heights Vocalist Kelsey Bulkin Releases Emotional New Single


Kelsey Bulkin, formerly of the indie-pop duo Made in Heights, chronicles the abrupt end of her former group in her newly released single, "Andromeda." 

The single, released on July 19, marks the beginning of Kelsey Bulkin's solo efforts. About the song, Bulkin said, 

"After the abrupt end of Made In Heights I faced a frontier of grief. 'Andromeda' is about sifting through emotional debris, abandoning worlds I built, and finding my way home. Writing this song cemented the idea of producing a solo project, a dream I've had for a long time."

The song begins with sparse electronic drums and soft harmonized vocals, and even in the chorus of the song, the vocals never rise above talking level. In the verses, Bulkin's voice often quivers nervously. The delivery of the vocals sets a sorrowful mood to the song–almost as if the lyrics are difficult for her to sing.

One line echoes throughout the entire song: "I wasn't raised like that." This line alludes to the difficult place that Bulkin found herself after the duo broke up. In the years following the breakup, Bulkin became a mother, but also maintained her determination to continue creating music. The song's title, "Andromeda," refers to the Greek myth of the same name, essentially the first "princess and dragon" story. Much like this myth, the song seems to be coming from a place of helplessness and of betrayal.

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