Free Music Tuesday: Stream Coldplay and More

It’s a good day for music, first and foremost because we can finally stream Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories on iTunesArguably their most drastic and certainly most publicly-noted transformation to date (and the one with the most Bon Iver comparisons), the album comes on the fleeing heels of Chris Martin’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s conscious uncoupling, which it duly sheds light on in the form of shadowy, blue waves. 

Penultimate “sad and anxious but optimistic-by-the-teaspoons” guy Conor Oberst, at times Bright Eyes and one-third of Monsters of Folk, is streaming his first album in long while over at NPR First Listen. Upside Down Mountain finds Oberst as strong a storyteller as ever, on a nostalgic, narrative visit to the past, dipping frequently from the inkwells of daydream and reverie to set up certain, peculiar memories. “There’s a hundred different ways to get through the day,” he sings, and trust us, this is definitely one you should try

The Roots are hanging their latest tunes on the mantle of And Then You Shoot Your Cousin. Go have an interactive hang with the album, thanks to Pitchfork Advance, here

You can also listen to Mac Miller’s new mixtape Faceswhich is available for download here - but first you have to make a sandwich (no, seriously).