French-American Songstress Lolo Zouaï Loves a “Challenge”


Lolo Zouaï isn't in the market for anything that comes easy. Paris-born and San Francisco-raised, Zouaï prides herself for being 100% independent. With the help of producer Stelios, "Challenge" processes the right amount of dreamy pop beats and glossy French vocals.

Lolo Zouaï's talent is undeniable as she glides through the song's alluring electric feel. The lyrics depict the strife of predictable love and how sometimes there needs to be a challenge: "Don't let me have it, I need a challenge." Lolo then transitions into the lyrics "Je garde coeur pour quelqu'un qui n'a pas peur," which translates into "I keep my heart for someone who is not afraid." She does this so effortlessly that it almost goes over your head that she is speaking a different language. That alone sets Zouaï apart from the typical R&B singer in today’s soundscape. Her efforts to add insight through her native language create a sense of humility and understanding.  

With online stardom is seemingly the determinant of who will be an overnight sensation, Lolo Zouaï went in a whole different direction. She worked in her bedroom to produce her future hits and uprooted herself to Brooklyn, New York. There is where she meet the producer Stelios, and the two instantly connected. Working day and night to get it just right, "Challenge" is just one of the Stelios/Zoauï collabs that is ready to take on the world.

Be sure to catch Lolo Zouaï on tour with Alina Baraz on the west coast this fall.

Listen to Lolo Zouaï's "Challenge" here: