French Horn Rebellion + St. Lucia Make Everything Alright

French horn slinging, Brooklyn by way of Milwaukee brothers French Horn Rebellion (Robert and David, FYI) released their Swing Into It EP last week featuring fellow New Yorkers Haerts and St. Lucia. The title track features Haerts singer Nini Fabi and revolves around a fun little music variety called “New Jack Swing” - which is basically pre-millenium dance pop done “Band Geeks Gone Wild” style. (It samples “Superstition” for about .5 seconds, to boot.) “Swing Into It” is undeniably fun, but our favorite takeaway is actually the St. Lucia-aided “You’re All Right,” an elegant slow jam where simmering synths both enhance and bow down to Jean-Philipe Grobler’s noble vocals, allowing them to truly shine. Check it out below! ps. they’re going on tour in May