From Norway to Australia, Anna of the North Is Living Up to Her Name


Meet Anna of the North: the Norwegian wonder who is making her rounds through the music industry with hints of an otherworldly aesthetic and an overall vibe that can't easily be described. She's uniquely her, despite how cliche that may sound. Take a listen to her latest hit, "Oslo," before reading on: 

One of the strongest lyrics in "Oslo" is, "I never wanna leave you; I never wanna go. You're the warmth that's in my heart, and it makes me feel at home." The unique balance of comforted and uneasy emotions embodied in her lyrics sets Anna of the North apart from other artists.

Interestingly enough, Anna Lotterud was not always a singer. In fact, she grew into the professional world as a graphic designer in a town not far from where she grew up outside of Oslo. She uprooted herself to Melbourne, where she met her producer, Brady Daniell-Smith. It was Brady who gave Anna the fitting nickname, and later her stage name, Anna of the North. The fact that she comes from such a real background, one that is so easy to identify with, is what makes Lotterud feel so genuine in her music. Even taking a look at her Instagram makes us want to be friends with Anna of the North.

Listening to Anna of the North is a calm, yet inspiring experience: light in lyrics and vocals yet dense at the same time with the deep synth notes that ring throughout the length of her songs. Anna's soft and airy vocals are similar to that of a darker CHVRCHES, slightly less upbeat but still strong with feminine presence.

Despite being relatively new to the industry, Anna of the North has been picked up for several remixes by some of dance music's biggest names such as the Chainsmokers for her 2014 song "Sway" and Felix Cartal her 2016 song "Baby." It seems to be a common trend with electronic artists picking up smaller but powerful vocalists to lead the momentum on some of their most popular tracks and Anna of the North definitely fits the bill. 

Although she's not set for any North American tours as of now, she's playing a few European music festivals such as Mad Cool Festival in Madrid and Slottsfjell in Norway this summer. Until then, we can listen to her singles on repeat.